Bring Your Pet Along

Want to escape to Amelia Island without having to leave your four-legged family members behind?  Here is a guide to pet-friendly places to stay.

 The Hoyt House even offers pet-friendly rooms on the first floor - close to the exit door for ease of walking your pet - and doggy bones and treats are in the room upon check-in. Amelia Island offers a number of restaurants with outdoor seating, where pets are invited. Some, such as Jack and Diane’s offer water bowls.

 Leashed dogs are allowed on our beaches, and you can also book a horseback ride along the shore.  Pick up treats at Red Bones Bakery, the only gourmet dog bakery in NE Florida and, if you’re looking for a touch of glamour for your canine, stop by Lori + Lulu, which has chic pet accessories along with their “laid-back, luxury lifestyle” clothing.

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